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Sam Huang – The only overseas born and raised Asian-American politician in Arizona



視頻 :2016年10月黃馨民在台灣接受宏觀電視台採訪


 Chandler Councilmember Sam Huang



Councilmember Sam Huang was born and raised in Taiwan. He and his family have lived in Chandler since 2007. Sam began his first term on City Council in January 2017.

While in Taiwan, after obtaining a bachelor degree from Tamkang University, he served in the military for two years and became a reporter. Later he received a teaching certificate from the National Taiwan Normal University and became a school teacher.  He also was active in local politics and entrepreneurship.

He and his wife came to Kansas City for graduate studies in 1993.  Later they moved to Western New York.  Sam continued his doctoral studies, while supporting his wife’s educational aspirations in dentistry and raising their children. They moved to the Chicago area in 2005 and became United States citizens there in 2006.

Sam is passionate about education and earned his Ph.D. in the field of Comparative Education at the State University of New York at Buffalo.  He has experience teaching in Chinese schools and the Buffalo Public Schools. While in Chicago, he led a local group and applied for a charter school.

Since moving to Arizona, Sam developed an interest in real estate on a part-time basis, and later served as the principal at Career Success High School in Mesa.

Councilmember Huang is an Ex-Officio member of the Downtown Chandler Community Partnership. He serves in the subcommittees of Administrative Services, Communications and Public Affairs, and Management Services; and Airport, Municipal Utilities, Planning, and Transportation.  He currently serves as the vice chair for the 2020 Census Complete Count Committee and became a member of the TIPW (Transportation, Infrastructure & Public Works) Committee of the League of Arizona Cities and Towns.

Prior to taking office, Sam was involved with the Chandler Kiwanis, and the Arizona Asian American Association, and served on Chandler’s Museum Advisory Board.

Sam has been married for 25 years and has two sons.

Current term expires January 2021

Email Councilmember Sam Huang

Current term expires January 2021

Email Councilmember Sam Huang :


by Sam Huang:

1. 如果想要參加八月二十八日的投票,而你以前沒有做過選民登記的話,那麼你必須在七月三十日或以前完成選民登記。登記網站是 或是 你將會需要你的駕照或是身分號碼。

2.  在登記時,你可以選擇一個政黨成為該黨的黨員,或是不參加政黨,成為獨立選民。如果你加入某黨,那麼你可以參加也只能參加該黨在八月二十八日的初選。如果你是獨立選民,那麼你可以任選某一政黨的初選。(AZ屬於半開放式初選,有的州只有黨員才能參加某黨的初選)

3. 通信投票又叫做提早投票,八月二十八日的選舉,通信選票將在八月一日開始寄出。如果想要參加通信投票者,需要在選民登記時註明,如此選委會就會將通訊票寄給你。如果你沒有將票寄回,那麼你可以在八月二十八日時,將你的選票封好(記住一定要在信封上規定的地方簽名),送到任何投票所去。你可以選擇在八月二十八日,在你所規定的投票所,帶著你的證件,現場投票。大約有四分之三的選民參加提早投票。

4. 美國政治是兩黨政治,因為它的選舉制度,往往造成兩黨對決,讓第三黨或是無黨者幾乎沒有機會當選。但是仍然有一部份的選舉是沒有政黨初選的,如市政府,學區政府,以及其它許多少為人知的選舉。



5. 錢德市的市長和市政委員,任期四年,連選只能連任一次。市長每四年改選,市政委員每兩年改選一半(三席)。每一個選民可以投一張市長票,以及最多三個委員票(也可以不投,只投一個,或是只投兩個。)5a。依過去四次選舉,欲在初選時直接當選錢德勒市政委員,需要最少一萬二千張票,依選民人數(沒有投票權,或是沒有做選民登記的人太多)以及投票率(亞裔是投票率最低的族群)估計,參與投票的亞裔選票總共不超過三百張,因此,如果你支持小弟的話,請在小弟參選時,只投給我,不要投其它人,以增加小弟的當選機會。你投給其它人的每一張票,都將降低小弟的當選機會)。


6. AZ的州議會分參眾二院,參院有三十位議員,眾院有六十位議員,任期都是二年, 同一議員可以連任三次(總共四次)。全州分為三十個選區(約二十一萬人口),每一個選區選出一個州參議員,二個州眾議員。每一次選舉時,先由八月政黨初選選出代表該黨參選的候選人,再參加十一月的普選,與其它黨的候選人對決。普選時,選民不分黨籍,可以任意投票。





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Make us count!

Arizona Asian Pacific Communities

“CENSUS 2020 IS HERE! From March 12-20, households will begin receiving mail from the U.S. Census Bureau with your Census ID number to take the census online 💻📱. The census is a nationwide survey that happens every 10 years & every person living in the United States must participate. The census will determine how $1.5 trillion in federal funding is used towards programs like public transportation, education, and public health centers.”

The letter looks like this sample ⬇️⬇️.

❓Where do I take the 2020 Census online? 
*️⃣Go to

*️⃣Click “Start Questionnaire” & enter the Census ID number.“ See photo of the page ⬇️

❓I live with many people. Do we each need to fill out the census? 
*️⃣Each household should have 1️⃣ person fill out the census for the entire 🏠 . Don’t forget 👶🏻 kids, 👵🏼👴🏻

❓Do I have to take the census online?
*️⃣No, you are also able to take the census by phone ☎️ or by paper form 📝 . They’ll mail you ✉️ later.

❓Is my data safe?  
*️⃣Yes, confidential & can’t be shared by anybody. Citizenship status will also not be asked.”

❓More Questions? 
*️⃣Pls feel free contact any of us. We all had Census training from Astria Wong & the OCA Asian Pacific American Advocates Greater Phoenix

Astria Wong
Philip Htoon
John Sisouvanh
Bandi Pholphiboun
Somsanith Sonhthipanya
Mekhala Sonhthipanya
Kham Phou
Vilavanh Lalab
Stephanie Vannasap
Douan Dee Cordova
Valith SC
Linda Xayasinh
Phoenix Keoma
Sam Phomsoukha
Linda Koune
James Park
MJ Barjose
Virginia Chang
Sun Jones
Cole Aung
Joyce Zhang
Jiraanong Manceau
Ryan D Winkle
Lal Biak Vul
Mayci Vannasap

Thank you to Stephanie J. Castillo & Lirong Huang for the video & Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) & Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC for Census info!

*️⃣Or go online for info in Lao ພາສາລາວ:

*️⃣In English:

🙏🏽Thank you! Let’s make sure we Lao Americans are all counted by doing our part to fill out the Census!

click and share : 2020 Census PSA videos

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March 11,2020 – Governor Doug Ducey Issues Declaration Of Emergency, Executive Order To Combat Continued Spread Of COVID-19



Declaration And Order Proactively Provides Health Officials With Guidance And Tools To Combat Continued Spread

video by

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