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AAAA Monthly Meeting at Persian Cultural Center



 Sunday July 29, 2018  AAAA Mothly Meeting

          Today AAAA receives the governors commedation for 30 years services in Arizona 

         If you enjoy life, enjoy friendship and food, you belong to AAAA. We build on brotherhood and sisterhood as in a Family, each month we gather together to refresh Friendship with Fun and plenty of ethnic Food. FFFF, the spirit of AAAA membership.

Being a good citizen, Vote, that’s your right!

Seating is limited, RSVP to Albert Lin by Thursday, July 26. Thanks

Make Certain

Time and Date: Sunday, July 29, 2018 from 12:00 noon to 3pm

Hosted by Persian Culture Center

Address: 7330 East Earll Drive, Scottsdale, 85251


1, FFFF, Social, Eat First. Enjoy unique and delicious Persian cuisine and culture

2, Call the meeting to order

3, Pledge of Allegiance, assign minute’s recorder

4, Welcome remarks from the Host, Mr. Nick Eskandari, Mitra Kamali and Ansari Fariba (15 minutes)

5, The Arizona Asian Festival jointly produced by 19 API cultures, it costs $70K to produce it. Please help to get financial support trough membership, volunteer matching and sponsorship.

President and Vice President Report (Albert Lin and Keiko Conn, 5 minutes)

Guest speaker Jen Stone on Feng Shui (5 minutes)

Guest speaker Lirong Huang on Arizona Chinese TV (5 minutes)

Guest speaker Joe Delgado on Voter Registration (10 minutes)

7, Arizona Asian Festival status report (Steve Kaplan, 5 minutes)

8, Membership Chair’s and Website Coordinator’s Report (Pamela Martin-Abella, 5l minutes)

9, Financial Status Report (Al Carstens and Diana Larowe, 2 minutes)

10, Voter Registration and Path to Citizenship (Ryan Winkle, 2 minutes)

11, Marketing Chair Report (Winnie Kho Kaplan, 2 minutes)

12, Youth Program Report (Asia Espiritu Dising, John Hite, 2 minutes)

13, From the Floor

14, Meeting Adjourn 


           Refresh Friendship with Fun and plenty of ethnic Food. FFFF, the spirit of AAAA membership.



Who are Persians?

The Arizona Persian Cultural Center is thrilled to have joined the AAAA and to participate in this year’s Asian Festival.

The term Persian, refers to the language and people living mostly in Western Asia, predominantly in regions covering parts of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Russia and Romania. Persians have history, customs, cultures and traditions dating back to 860BC.



Fun facts about Persians

Persians have contributed many things to humanity including poetry, art, science, music, architecture, agriculture, food, and one of the most precise solar calendars.

The Persian New Year starts precisely on Spring Equinox, simultaneously throughout the world. A spread (depicted above) is set up with each item representing a meaning, such as health, fertility, abundance, wealth, etc, to start the new year with good luck. This tradition has lasted thousands of years and is still adored by Persians.

While most people are familiar with Persian rugs, Persian pistachios, and Persian cats, other interesting facts about Persians contributions are: claims of over a million verses of poetry written; some of the oldest wind towers and qanat water systems in the world, and Persian gardens, which date back to 1000BC.

Persian Cuisine

Over the centuries, Persians have also contributed hundred of recipes for delicious meals and desserts, most famously, Persian fluffy saffron rice and filet kabob, and of course tahdig, the simple crunchy and delicious rice. Numerous wonderful tahdig recipes can be found by simply googling the words “tahdig recipe”

We are a non-political, non-religious and non-profit organization with the goal of enriching the community by raising awareness of the Persian culture, heritage, language, history and contributions through education, music, dance, theater, art, and food.


For more information please click and share :Iranian American of Arizona  




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Jiraanong Manceau and friend from the Thai community

Johnny Mon from the Burmese-Mon community

Students from the Asian American Community

Nanako from the Japanese community

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Philip Htoon from the Burmese community

Tontowi Achmad and Dewi Sudjono from the Indonesian community

Myo Myat Thin from the Burmese community

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Thanh Su from the Vietnamese community

Prarthana from the Indian community

John Sisouvanh from the Lao community

Som Raj Gurung from Bhutanese community

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