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Mele Kramer – AAAA Rising Stars · Youth Mentoring Initiative



Mele Kramer

Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PhD Student –  I/O Consultant

Doctoral program

Walden University

The purpose of this initiative: To spotlight our Senior Leadership as Mentors to our Rising Stars & future leaders through community outreach Leadership Development.

Why: To ensure AAAA Leadership growth and sustainability

How: Leverage current AAAA leaders as Mentors to attract and guide Youth participation and increase awareness of AAAA through community outreach by organization Rising Stars – Youth Leaders.


  • To AAAA – The project goal: To ensure sustainability for the AAAA Organization
  • To our Youth – To develop project leadership and partnership skills by leveraging our wise and skilled AAAA leaders as Mentor
  • To our Leaders – Spotlights you and AAAA – At the Asian Festival, Recognition on Asian TV, and other initiatives (TBD).
    • Leading by Mentoring at various levels by contributing to the development of our Youth in the importance of honor, loyalty and contribution of our Asian Cultural Voice, growth and prosperity of the AAAA Organization

(Ideally – Each Culture would be represented with 1 Mentor/Rising Star pair to represent our diversity).


 Mele Kramer is a PhD Student –  I/O Consultant .  Her goal and focus is  on leadership communications and transition.  She works with youth leaders intentionally for the purpose of organizational sustainability.  She has sponsored a number of Mentor programs in the past and currently a member of the AAAA for two years. 

She notes, “Over time I have come to enjoy learning about the variety of cultures they represent.  A growing concern has been the changing of the guard in terms of leadership transition.  There are few youth leaders in the organization being prepared to become future leaders for the organization.  Currently the President, Albert Lin and Vice President Keiko Conn are instrumental in establishing and maintaining visibility and awareness through a plethora of public service events and good will in the community.  The need for youth leadership development lead me to assist and develop the following initiative – Rising Stars Youth Leadership initiative.”


As a Rising Star Leader, the next steps are:

Add your Rising Star (Mentee) and project name along with the event date.

Next Steps:  Due by Sept 7th please send the following:

Together your Rising Star & Mentor organizes the charity event “Youth Leader ~ Rising Stars of AAAA”

Ideas: Food Drive for children in homeless shelters for Thanksgiving, Christmas gift/giving drive for children in orphanages, Assist in Arts for Abused Kids event.  The possibilities are unlimited.

1.       Select a charitable cause that AAAA can participate and bring positive service

(ie:  literacy book drive for urban elementary schools)

2.       Please add project name and expected date of the event in the above table.  Event must be on the calendar by November 15th.

3.       Rising Star completion must schedule by December 30th in order to be entered into the grant applications proposal

Your AAAA Rising Star’s & Organization and event will be highlighted on Asian TV & spotlighted at the Asian Festival then submitted for global grant competition Highlighting our Rising Stars Program.

PLease Contact Mele Kramer for more details :


AZ Asian TV is giving us spotlight time .   We also have the Arizona Governor’s office interested.  I would like to present a robust pilot program to present from our AAAA Rising Star Youth!

Mele Kramer


Video of AAAA President Albert Lin and VP President Keiko Conn


Video of AAAA Rising Stars & Mentoring Initiatives – Korean Cultural Director & Rising Star Youth Leader – Jee Nam


Sep 13, 2018 Filming AAAA Rising Stars Youth Mentoring Initiatives



Sep 15, 2018

AAAA Rising Stars Youth Leaders & Mentors supports Make a Wish Foundation & Mountainside Fitness 80’s -90’s theme Zumbathon!

Thank you to Mountainside Fitness & the amazing instructors: Lindsay, Jill, Kristen and Mary for this fantastic event!

Mountainside Fitness has invited AAAA youth an outstanding membership plan for all 4A’s youth and additional discounts for all AAAA adult members. PM Mele for details! ❤️

Email: Mele.Kramer@waldenu.rdu


Oct 5, 2018

Planning meeting AAAA Rising Star & Cultural Director -Jee Nam planning College Application & Test Prep with Riad Sabai & Jamil Shahin “Let’s Read” program for Refugees.  Both are presidents of the organizations.  Presentation will be Nov 10 in Arabic & English –  20 students & families are expected.

They are very happy to work with Rising Stars0 students expected.  They are connected to Arthur Lin’s project WTA!!




Oct 8,2018  AZ Asian TV filmed for AAAA Korean Cultural Director & Rising Star Youth Leader – Jee Nam and the video was post on 9th.


Arizona Asian American Association

Mr. Albert Lin -President of AAAA, Mrs. Keiko Conn- Vice President of AAAA


“Arizona Asian American Association (AAAA) is a volunteer-based organization. It was founded in 1988 after a meeting of various Asian American and Pacific Island community.

The Highlighted annual event is the Arizona Asian Festival, which is a celebration of all Asian cultures, promoting public awareness of Arizona’s diverse culture recognizing the many contributions made to this State and Nation by people with Asian heritage. The Festival is produced jointly by 19 Asian cultures. It is highly educational and family-friendly. Activities will feature Asian native folklore, art and craft, tea ceremony, ethnic cuisine, student contests, Children’s Wonderland and performing arts. The festival allows us to cherish the diversity of Arizona and to celebrate the spirit of community that binds us all together.

Arizona’s Asian Americans now numbered more than 300,000. Within this group, more than 30 distinct languages, ethnic cultures, and histories are counted. The mission of the AAAA is to provide a platform where representatives of these diverse communities can come together ‘under one umbrella’ to address relevant issues, and through unity, all share one voice in shaping the future.




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