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Congratulations to Buhay-Buhay sa Amerika’s highly SUCCESSFUL 1st year Anniversary!



Report written by Mrs. Rebecca R. Hannah

On the evening of August 25,2018  St. Paul Catholic Church Hall in Phoenix  drew a huge attendance, 500 + guests and visitors to celebrate the first anniversary of Buhay-Buhay sa Amerika (BBSA) which was first launched a year ago  by  Rhia Luz Nkulu, founder of the live online radio program aired from the ENTRE Mujeres Radio Station. 

This event was not just unprecedented in terms of the crowd it drew but was a most celebratory occasion as it was dedicated to the most enduring value of the Filipinos,  marriage and family unity. Coincidentally this occasion marked Rhia’s 26th wedding anniversary which she saw as  an opportune time to celebrate marriage and family with all other married couples, a  fulfillment of one of her  long held dreams. So after tedious months of preparation, coordination and collaboration with her supportive and creative planning committee members, the program in highlighting the theme included a toast in honor of all married couples in attendance.  Special recognition were awarded to eight couples who were married for 50-60+ some years. Each of them were interviewed to find out what kept their marriage last.

It was interesting to listen to their stories  and though their answers as to how their relationship endures may slightly differ from another, the common thread was their  faith,  the strong desire to keep their family united as God has commanded.  It is putting their faith into action especially  in confronting  challenges  in their relationship realizing that marriage,  just as any human relationship,  is flawed and not perfect at all.  Just as Fr. Bruno, the keynote speaker pointed out the domestic church, meaning the family unit is the highest expression of  God’s reflection in the whole scheme of creating this world.  What happens in the home front impacts the community, the  society, and the world as a whole especially with the ever evolving dynamic of life in this age and time.

Rhia had envisioned that Buhay Buhay sa Amerika serves as the platform to  inform, inspire, and connect its audiences  to discuss relevant issues confronting our present day living in America.  Each episode features themes that resonate in a more personal way to her audience who engage in discussion with her invited guests over wide range of interest among which are:

“Mother-daughter relationship, 

Bayanihan sa Arizona, 

Women of faith and substance, 

Pinoy Media pioneers, love and Marriage,

celebrate Women’s month,

Honoring the early Pinoy pioneers in America, Pinoy Nurses,

Fil-Am 2nd generations,

and Beyond the Crown” which relates to the Filipinos propensity for beauty pageant.

Her program  showcased community leaders, entrepreneurs, local artists and performers, professionals in different fields of learning and expertise, who shared and exchanged ideas and opinions to stimulate and inspire its mature audience and especially the younger generation. 

Buhay-Buhay sa Amerika(BBSA) as advocate for the youth, involved young people in all its programming activities to empower, educate, and energize them in order to thrive and succeed living in the fast changing world.  At the core of this is to inculcate in them respect and appreciation of the rich tradition and history of the older generation as part of their cultural heritage.

As a staunch advocate of women empowerment, Rhia Luz hopes to accomplish through Buhay-Buhay sa Amerika the potential of peace and unity among peoples despite individual, regional, and cultural differences.
Thus the emphasis on Marriage and Family unity on this auspicious occasion because everything starts from home where, with working together,  families become One Family under God….


Photo by Wei Wu


Please share :Your Dream Can Come True by Rhia Luz

 Artist & Philanthropist – The Other Side of Michael Pollack   by Rhia Luz

Please visit Rhia’s website :


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Director: Stephanie J Castillo
Videographer: Lee
Makeup: Astria W.
Filming location: AZ Asian TV studio

Lal Biak Vul and Esther Di from Burmese- Chin community.

Jiraanong Manceau and friend from the Thai community

Johnny Mon from the Burmese-Mon community

Students from the Asian American Community

Nanako from the Japanese community

Alma De Garriz and friends from the Filipino community

Stephanie Deng, Charles Tsui and friends from the Chinese community

Philip Htoon from the Burmese community

Tontowi Achmad and Dewi Sudjono from the Indonesian community

Myo Myat Thin from the Burmese community

Pualani from the Pacific Islander community

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Thanh Su from the Vietnamese community

Prarthana from the Indian community

John Sisouvanh from the Lao community

Som Raj Gurung from Bhutanese community

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